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did anyone here watch kindaichi case files episode 103 "thunder festival murder case"? if so, can u please tell me where to watch or at least how does he reveal culprit and who is he/she?

Anyone watching Young Kindaichi Case files: R?

It has been a long time since I've been here. I am extremely disappointed that Tokyopop decided not to translate anymore volumes of Kindaichi. Also I don't see any English dubs of the series in the horizon. I wanted to finish the original series and I don't think that will happen since I don't see subs either. I have been watching Young Kindaichi Case Files: R. Some cases are good others have huge plot holes and I am wondering if the original series was like that. I missed buying the whole English Manga collection. I hope someone else decides to translate the manga in English. There are only a few English manga publishing companies I think now since Tokyopop no longer exists I think. Anyway I can't wait to watch more Kindaichi. I hope the series goes on. I am trying to find a subtitled in English version of some of the specials. I watched a few of them but I believe there was one that was included on the special DVD that I didn't get to see.
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Kindaichi Case Files Returns

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This looks like a good place for a friendly info drop.

There's a new anime series with English subtitles available on Crunchyroll. The first case is the one that was covered in the January 2013 live action special with Ryosuke Yamada, The Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case, and I think that the closing episode airs this week.
Simulcast on Saturdays 6:30am EDT

And the "Manga Box" website/app currently has two miniseries free to read.

"Kindaichi Case Files: Takato's Side" is completely translated to English.
"Kindaichi Case Files: The Mini-Vacation" just started.

I hope this helps. :)

JManga Kodansha titles --> Kindaichi?

Hi guys! Are you still interested in Kindaichi Case Files manga? If yes have you noticed that JManga has announced that they're adding Kodansha titles to their selection. Don't get too excited yet as Kindaichi isn't listed... yet. However, after seeing this, I decided to write them an email and asked about their future plans. Here is an extract of their reply:

Thanks for contacting us at JManga! We will certainly do our best for that title [Kindaichi] and others, since we deeply wish to "rescue" titles orphaned by TokyoPop and Del Rey. Remember, the more who request a title, the bigger the chance it will be brought over!

So, if you're interested in, let them know that you would be willing to buy Kindaichi if made available.

We are not dead

we actually have been doing work on the anime I promise. we are almost have up until episode 30 translated however we have had some editing and encoding problems, we do have good news R2 DVD RAWS. if anyone needs them feel free to PM me. we will be doing dvd versions of all the episodes we have raws of, this includes multiple cases that happen between episodes 1-13. we are committed to get kindaichi out there in as high of qaulity as we possibly can. please bear with us in the mean time. we will have 16 and 17 out as soon as we can. then the headless samurai case will be done, then the first case, the phantom of the opera house, then kindaichi the killer, then a case based on the kindaichi light novels (sorry for using the TP names). also please note that the shows we do with PHT use compeltely different translators and pht staff to get the episodes done. so the relase of those other shows is not related to kndaichi. we will have it out as soon as we can we are still working with techman (the orignal project leader) and irilane (the orignal translator) to ensure the best releases of kindaichi possible.